Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wrapped in Satin and Lace...

Last night I got a surprise package from Mariska Dufour - another incredibly sexy creation from Blacklace.  So, today I blog Michelle, a sexy corset lingerie set that is just incredible.  A mesh creation, Mariska told me it was her personal favorite, and I can see why.  Such intricate detailing and beautiful design make Michelle a delight to both wear and use in photography.
I added some jewels from Earthstones and Slink pumps from Hucci along with Slink stockings from Sysy to create this look.  The results are quite pleasing and I am so thankful that she sent this lingerie to me.

This is another must-have for your SL wardrobe.If you want to impress - get this set! 


Chevia's Shopping List

Lingerie:  Beauty by Blacklace
Makeup & Nails:  Blackliquid
Shoes:  Glynco by Hucci
Hair: Jolie by Truth

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