Sunday, September 29, 2013

With Extra Garlic Please...

Today I received a delightful surprise from my dear friend Mami Jewell.  Her Iolanda gown is a truly wonderful creation and in short order became my favorite gown.  The detailing is just superb, and everything from the textures to the details speaks of the care and quality that goes into each Azul creation.

A word about the title, it's a bit of an inside joke really.  Mami and I share a love for garlic and a dear preggers friend who does not.   We like to tease her just a little bit :)
I chose Iolanda in green as an experiment really.  Looking back I found myself stuck in a rut of black and red, and I just wanted to see what green would look like.  All I can say is... I am really pleased with the results.  To round out this styling I chose my favorite formal jewels - Noor Mystic from Lazuri, and some beautiful N-Core Diva shoes.
The overall result was very nice, and I have a feeling that I will enjoy wearing this gown to many social events in the near future. 

Oh, and sorry it's been a while since I've written in my blog.  Life have been challenging and I needed some time to regroup.  I hope to be able to bring your more posts with regularity in the near future...

My poses are from Dahriel Posesion's Giz set.


Chevia's Shopping List

Gown:  Iolanda by Azul
Jewels: Noor Mystic by Lazuri
Shoes:  Diva by N-Core
Poses:  Giz by Posesion

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