Friday, October 25, 2013

Encased in Silk...

Wearing one of Mami Jewell's creations feels like being in a dream.  One is transported to a time and place of serenity and beauty.  Mami's latest creation is Francesca, and this gown is a feast of stunning detail and wonderful design that captures both the eye and the heart.

I was thrilled to see this box arrive, as I'd caught a glimpse of it and knew it would be one of my favorites immediately. Mami is doing more with Mesh, and this gown consists of a hybrid of Mesh and Prim working together in an incredible elegant way.
I chose the Sapphire to style as the deep color is just amazing.  It was only after wearing it that I began to appreciate the true artistry here.  The rich brocade of the torso is so beautifully done one could almost reach out and touch it.
As with every creation from this talented woman, the gown's fit and detailing is suburb.  I needed no edits to achevie this look, something that rarely happens.  Coupled with Lazuri jewels and Diva hair I felt so elegant and even a bit decadent.

This gown is sure to be a real crowd pleaser.  Run, do not walk, to get yours today...

My poses are from Dahriel Posesion.


Chevia's Shopping List
Outfit:   Francesca by Azul

Poses:  Posesion

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