Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dancing Towards an Incredible Lightness of Being...

My dear readers today I am indulging myself a bit, and I trust that you will not mind.  My love for the intensely beautiful creations of Mami Jewell continues unabated, and I am going to write about her stunning Alicia gown for this post.

But there is a story behind this choice, and I would like to tell that as well.  I have a friend. She loves to dance and thrives on live music.  Veronica is a member of the Dazzlers dance company, and one of the things she loves to do is to choreograph dances to music she feels touches her heart.  My favorite quote of hers regarding dance choreography is "I have to love a song enough to want to listen to it 500 times".  That says it all for me.  Recently, she choreographed a ballet to some music that holds deep personal meaning for her.  She and the Dazzlers performed this dance, and it brought tears to the eyes of many onlookers as they felt the intensity of the dance, even without knowing the back story.

Veronica and I have another girlfriend who loves to dance as well, and here, my dear patient readers, is where Mami's stunning Alicia gown comes into play.  You see, this dance is like therapy, a cleansing if you will.  So while Veronica and the Dazzlers have performed it a number of times, so have just her and I in the warm blanket of her dance studio.  Anyway, our mutual friend, who is also a Dazzler, asked if she could dance with us some time, and it was in getting ready for this event that the beautiful Alicia gown came into play. Each of us chose a color - all different - and we will dance this ballet together to celebrate the cleansing it brings to our beloved friend.  And all our hearts will be lighter afterwards...
So here is the Alicia gown in all its satiny glory.  The workmanship, as with every creation out of Azul, is incredible.  It is as if Mami sews these bits together on a little digital sewing machine and delivers amazing haute couture to the lovers of fashion in Second Life.

If your heart aches, or you just want to feel good, get this gown.  Make your own ballet to a song that has special meaning to you.  Dance your creation with some close friends.  And may your hearts be light once more...


Chevia's Shopping List
Ballet Costume:   Alicia by Azul
Ballet Shoes:  Ashia by Slink
Hair:  Details by e l i k a t i r a

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