Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Touch of Elegance...

What a joy it is to work with Malicia Python! She will most likely hate me for spilling that secret - that she is really a sweetheart of a woman - but I have to tell the truth to my dear readers. Anyway, while awaiting my impending doom, let me tell you about the stunning jewel of an outfit Malicia gave me this morning. But first a definition:

paradox is a statement that apparently contradicts itself and yet might be true. Most logical paradoxes are known to be invalid arguments but are still valuable in promoting critical thinking.

There is no contradiction here - Paradox from Silken Moon is a truly wonderful outfit and is a joy to behold. Once rezzed and placed on, one is not certain if it is clothing... or jewelry.  Suffice to say it is exceptionally detailed and wonderfully textured - all hot buttons in my book.
The top reminds me of the finest Chinese Cloisonné with luscious vibrant colors swirling in a breath taking design.  To achieve this look I used hair from Diva, shoes from Pixelfashion, makeup and nails from Blackliquid, and jewels from Mandala.  I think the results speak for themselves and I am so thankful that she sent this outfit to me!

This is another must-have for your SL wardrobe. If you want to impress - get this outfit!  


Chevia's Shopping List
Outfit:  Paradox by Silken Moon
Makeup & Nails:  Blackliquid
Shoes:  Sandy by Pixelfashion
Hair: Diva2 by Diva Hair

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