Saturday, August 25, 2012

Honing Photography Skills

One part of modeling that is as important as our poses and well fitting outfits is the frequent need to submit photographs of ourselves.  A photograph can make or break an entry for a contest, so it is very important to make certain the picture submitted is well done, and of very high quality.  In Second Life photography, unlike regular photography, an important aspect to consider is the environment.  Modifications to the environment are controlled by Windlight settings, and can dramatically improve the overall quality of your photo.  Here is a recent picture I took:
 I use this shot to demonstrate how crisp Second Life photos can be. Windlights change the position of the sun, shadows, and a variety of other environmental settings - all of which can dramatically improve the look of the finished product.  If you are interested in learnign more, Google Windlight and see the huge number of custom Windlights available.

Have fun and take a lot of pictures :)



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