Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter...

My dear readers I have been reflecting on past events over the last few days.  Easter is a time of renewal, and it seems the perfect time to put away all animosities and strife.  To reach out to all your friends and loved ones and let them know the somewhere in the world, there are people who love them.  We humans are such a social lot.  We need the touch - mental and physical of each other to feel safe and secure. 

As for me, well, I was hurt badly, so I decided to hurt back.  And that was wrong of me.  I am a better person than that, and so I asked forgiveness today from every person i knowingly or unknowingly hurt.  Some accepted my  request for forgiveness, some did not.  Frolic and I had a long talk during Bonifacio and Ponchi's party.  He reminded me about Karma and that my job was to keep things positive.  That I will do.  There are bigger and more important issues than my petty hurts to worry about.  Time to pack them away and move forward.

So thank you my gentle readers for indulging my self-analyisis in a fashion blog...  On to the good stuff :)

I walked in the Earth Hour fashion show recently, and saw some of the beautiful designs out of Innuendo.  I just adore the Italian style - so crisp and chock full of unexpected details.I just had to have one, well 3 or 4... oh well i forget actually.  One of my immediate favs is the topic of tonight's blog - Zara.  The Zara outfit consists of two matched parts a beautiful and sexy top with deep v cuts in front and back giving it a very nice open feel.  The skirt is a wonderfully textured jewel with an exquisite look
The outfit comes with some darling accessories including that sweet zebra stripped kerchief at my neck and a beautifully done clutch also accented in zebra stripes.  I finished this this outfit with Finesmith's Kotar in Cream. and added Ultra platforms from N-core to complete the look.
I think you will agree that this is a wonderfully stylish outfit for either work or play.  The attention to detail throughout is superior and minimal prim edits were needed to completely fit this garment.You all know how i feel about the level of creativity on Second Life,  This outfit shows how wonderful the outcome can be.


Chevia's Shopping List

Outfit:  Zara by Innuendo

Jewels: Kotar from Finesmith
Hair:  Vanessa by DeLa

 Shoes:  Ultra Platforms from N-Core

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