Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just Give Me A Reason...

My Dear Readers...

I will admit some sadness today...  and in a attempt to relieve that sadness I did my favorite thing - shopping therapy.  Not quite as good as a good solid chocolate infusion but damn close.  You all know Loovus Dzevavoor right?  I mean it super hard to miss the incredible splash of color and texture when you find someone wearing these wonderful creations.   I grabbed the Loovus Dzevavoor Shiela Maxi Dress, some wonderful Finesmith and EMO-tions hair i seem to be addicted to and started styling it.  I hope you like the result...

So I captured a beautiful spring day... walking down a country road dressed impeccably... and listening to Pink singing her heart out.  Well... It worked for me anyway :)  This is a truly chic and beautiful ensemble that is certain to turn heads wherever you go around Second Life. 


Chevia's Shopping List

Dress:  Sheila Maxi Dress by Loovus Dzevavoor
Jewels: Ednia in gold by Finesmith
Hair:  Paris from EMO-tions

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