Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rise Up!

My Dear Readers

It is in the air...  I can smell, even almost taste Spring.  The flower vendors in Seattle are putting out pots of bulbs to force them to bloom and I am so needing the warmth and vitality of Spring right now.  It has been a challenging week for me personally and professionally.  I won't go into all the gory details here dear readers, but suffice to say a good, stiff umbrella drink on a sun-drenched deck would have really been nice..  But hey, I'm in the Pacific Northwest, not Hawaii and it still gets pretty cold at night so I just have to dream...

But after a visit to Vogue (part of that shopping therapy thing) I came back to my home and found... joy and sunshine and a lot of sexy in a little package from Vogue.

The Emma Outfit is a true jewel of clothing design.  From the intensely cute and chic scarf collar that is casually tossed over the shoulder to the oh-so-sheer top and finally to the beautifully textured and patterned harem pants, this outfit is a must have for your spring wardrobe. And I mean.. MUST.  As in, Go.  Get it Now...

I completed this outfit with a truly chic and beautiful headscarf from Vanity Hair and some insanely cute booties from ShuShu to get a thoroughly darling outfit for the coming warmer months in SL. I also simply had to add Finesmith's stunning Aesthetic Value set in gold and black to finish this outfit in true style.

Vogue's Emma comes in 5 delicious color combinations sure to fit your skin type.  You will LOVE the plunging back and sheer top - this outfit is sexy!  Perfect for a date or clubbing, I predict you will turn heads in this wonderful ensemble.


Chevia's Shopping List

Outfit:  Emma by Vogue
Jewels: Aesthetic Value in gold by Finesmith
Hair:  Manish Turban from Vanity Hair
Boots:  Cat's Rhythm from ShuShu

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