Sunday, October 27, 2013

She Screams So Sweetly...

OK, that's an awful lot of "S" words there but after seeing the topic of today's blog you'll understand why they are so very necessary...  Well I HOPE you do at least...

Mami Jewell is a fashion icon in Second Life.  Her contributions as the creator and owner of Azul are legendary, as are many of the gowns she has created over the years.  Many models got launched into fame wearing an Azul gown.

So how come all the screaming?  Well, it's Halloween and Mami has created a very beautiful yet scary outfit for the season.  The key is that it is a LIMITED outfit.  So, since you already know you want this dress better get ready for the rush.
Before I start, let me just say the craws, jewels and teeth are mine :)  Well, a girl has to have *some* toys!   This outfit is called Malika and it is a stunning black brocade bustier top coupled with a lush feathered skirt.  The black lace fingerless gloves complete this jewel of an outfit.  Oh, I forgot the skulls.  Yes, you can really tell it's Halloween because of the many skulls.  The overall effect is one of elegant terror.
As I said, I added the claws and teeth and jewels as well as some sufficiently scary looking shoes to make an outfit that really hit the mark.  Suffice to say, you will love how this turns out.

My poses are from Dahriel Posesion.


Chevia's Shopping List
Outfit:  Malika from Azul
Shoes:  Co Fiftyseven

Poses:  Posesion

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