Friday, July 27, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: An Interview with Designer JayGee Vollmar

This evening's fashion show at CWS featured the work of Sl Designer JayGee Vollmar.  JayGee was gracious enough to give me time to interview her at her home following the show. There is something magical about true Artists.  That magic courses through them, their work, and their lives.  I felt that magic this evening during my interview with JayGee Vollmar.  After a mutual re-log to shake off that laggy feeling, she teleported me to her beautiful home where we retired to her study and chatted.

One thing that came through very clearly for me is that this woman is in love with color, or as she would spell it - colour.  An Australian by birth, JayGee is a self-taught Artist and painter in her Real Life.  She has made her own cloths in RL, so when she came to SL she fell in love with fashion, and decided to learn how to make them.  She has learned her craft very, very well.

Interviewer:  Thank you so much JayGee for inviting me to your home this evening.  So, your tagline intrigued me - Fashion to Love?

JayGee:   Well that came about becasue the the owner of Ambrosia Club wrote me a little blurb and said I was Fashion to Love, so i used it then.  But, I also like to think i make my fashion with love.  It really is my passion in SL.

Interviewer:  I went to your marketplace storefront right before I came over, and i was struck by how stunning your clothing is. So sumptuous.

JayGee: Wow, thank you so much.

Interviewer:  How did you decide to become a designer?

JayGee:  Well, I am Arty in RL and have always made my own clothes, not ALL of them, but some.
When i heard about SL on a TV program, I immediately thought... fashion. Like dressing up a Barbie doll.  I spent 2 weeks on Help Island mucking around with my appearance.

Interviewer:  Hahaha ah yes! Barbie!

JayGee:   I didn't know i could leave help island LOL.

Interviewer:  HAHHAHAHA!  Me Too!

JayGee:  Once I left it was like WOW!  I was such a noob for a long time...

JayGee:   I didn't know Photoshop or Gimp, so I read a lot of tutorials on the web.

Interviewer:   Wow, so you are all self taught?

JayGee:  I went to a few SL classes, but self taught in Photoshop.  I just love to do Arty things :)

Interviewer:  That is SO admirable.  That's not an easy program to learn.

JayGee:  No, I was super frustrated at first, but bit by bit got what I needed to know.  If i didn't love it, I would never have gone on learning.

Interviewer:  Well... just based on the clothing I saw in the show,  I'd say you REALLY got it :)

Interviewer:  I was really taken by the textures and sheers that you use in your designs, and the first thing I  thought was... how does she manage that?

JayGee: Hahaha!  Well, I love lace!

Interviewer:  Mmmm me too :)

JayGee:  Its amazing.  If you add a lace texture to a prim skirt, it changes it totally.  But honestly, most of it is experimenting.

Interviewer:  I can imagine that it is almost organic.

JayGee:  Yes it is.  But I also love colour.  Our light is so rich in Australia, and our colours are so vibrant.   I think that reflects in the art and clothing.

JayGee:  I tend to design what I like...

Interviewer:  I've been meaning to ask... What or who are your influences?

JayGee:  Well, definitely VelvetRythms, her colours always got me into her stores. And, just fashion in general.

Inteviewer:  JayGee, What inspires you?

JayGee:   Well, that's not an easy question to answer.  For me, its an extension of RL. I have always drawn and painted in RL, so SL is an extension of that I think.  I  always have to be doing something Arty.  So inspiration comes from different places, usually though its like an artist facing a blank canvas, I just START, and let it happen.  It's hard to explain.  I usually start off with no idea of what I'm making.  In RL, I  have an Arty gift, but I've never trained.

Interviewer:  Wow!

JayGee: Sorry, it's something I really can't explain.  That sounds weird?

Interviewer:  Oh not at all!

JayGee:  But, artists would understand.

Interviewer:  It feels like your soul speaking.

JayGee:   Well, yes.  And really... only an artst can feel it.  It sounds a bit high and mighty when I try to explain it, but its just something inside me.

Interviewer:  Do you have a message for the Woman of SL?

JayGee:  Well, I think my message for the Woman of SL is to follow their dreams.   Make SL reflect YOU and your talents.  Do what you love and you will succeed.

Interviewer:  JayGee, you have been so gracious.  I truly appreciate your time tonight.

JayGee:  Thank you so very much.  I've enjoyed it :)

Inerviewer:  So, can we go to one of your stores?

JayGee:  Sure, how about my main store?  It has four floors :)

What followed, dear reader, was a true feast for the eye and for the soul.  Four floors of stunning designs, in vibrant, rich colors.  Try as I might, words just won't do to explain how wonderful JayGee's fashion is.  You have to go there to experience it yourself.  Like NOW...  Right now.

JayGee Designs

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