Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life as a Model

It's a pretty strange feeling at first.  Worrying about every detail of how one dresses.  I can tell you horror stories about fitting eyelashes hair by hair to get them right. I mean, I've always liked to look my best, and at UVA we dressed up quite a bit.  But since enrolling at CWS I find that each day is a new opportunity to try something bold and new.  Here's a beautiful example of an outfit that was free, from one of the best places for high fashion on SL - Vero Modero...  Ms Fuzz Lennieis quite a fashion dish herself.. You should treat yourself to a spree at Vero... go ahead... do it... NOW :)

With a few small additions, a gorgeous outfit can become... Amazing... Make sure you visit Vero Modero at for some of the finest fashion around.

 Hair :  A&A Amnesha
Makeup : Leverocci
Eyes : IKON Sunrise
Skin : *Birth* Abi
Shape: Custom by Ziva Brink
Top and Tights:  Vero Modero Tulle
Jewelry : Earrings - Verna Rosa
Glasses:  MG Milano
Shoes: BAX Ankle Boots

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