Thursday, July 26, 2012

Playing with Style

One of the fun aspects about modeling is that you get to do so many interesting things!  This week we had a styling event based on the theme - butterflies....  I wasn't able to be in the event, but I've loved butterflies since I was a child.  So,  I styled it anyway.  And half way through the process of pulling many disparate pieces and parts together, I realized, hey!  I'm having a blast :)  Anyway, here are the results of my eforts.  I hope this gives you as much joy as I felt creating it.

Since childhood I have always associated two things with the essence of nature - butterflies and flowers.  As a girl growing up in Southern California, I learned about the migration of the Monarch Butterflies to Mexico each year. What a beautiful sight it was to see thousands of butterflies filling the sky!

I will soar with them in this beautiful butterfly styled dress! Oh, and lest I forget!  My pet butterfly Molly insisted on coming tonight.  Please indulge her flitting around :)

Outfit :

Hair : A&A Amnesha
Makeup : Leverocci
Eyes : IKON Sunrise
Skin : *Birth* Abi
Shape: Custom by Ziva Brink
Dress :  Meadow Breeze Dress by Caverna Obscura
Floral Crown: Caverna Obscura Nocturne Head Dress
Jewelry : Earrings - Fusion Charm Hoops, Necklace - *Viomagic* Dellicacy, Bracelet - Earthstones Mosaic Cuff bracelet
Nylons: Caverna Obscura butterfly stockings
Shoes:  =blu= Soft Summer Shoes
Pet Butterfly: Candi Apple

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