Saturday, August 18, 2012

So What Do You Models Do For Fun?

Now I know that sounds like a tired line from one of the lame guys on Second Life, but it is surprising how often that question comes up.  And, to be honest, free time is something that has been pretty foreign to me since graduating from modeling school.  CWS keeps us very busy.  There are 5 styling shows per week, and generally 2 major fashion shows on the weekend.  Add in all the practice time, and there just isn't a lot of time left.

But, we do have some down time.

And when we do... we let our collective hair down... Well, in a stylish way of course.
After today's incredible Diamond Avatar show, Princess Violeta invited a bunch of us out to her... well.. estate.  It's huge.  And imposing. And befitting a Princess.  So, Phillipe Byron, Tiffany and I decided to do a break dance routine.  What fun!

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