Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Lady in Red...

My dear readers I was introduced to the most amazing store yesterday and invited to blog for them.  Now I have to admit I had never been there before on any shopping excursion (I can hear you laughing Sessie!)  Yes, I admit it... I missed at least ONE store in all of SL.   There, I feel SO much better admitting that.  Chic Zafari is an amazing place with some of the most original fashions i have seen in Second Life.  I invited my friend Belladonna along and armed with Lindens we teleported into... Nirvana.  I can still remember Bella's first words - "OMG Look at the skirt!"   It went on from there, and if you know Belladonna Wexhome you know it was a riot of jokes, laughter and true passion about the creations we were getting to see.

There were a good number of selections in some really unique styles.  But I settled on... well... OK...  I bought A LOT.  The first one I tried on, I fell in love with - Embellished Silk Dress Couture. 
 As you can see it is a beautifully styled dress - a deep red overskirt open to a stunning gold on black inlay that immediately draws the eye.  The high capped sleeve give the outfit a definite Haute Couture look, but I am calling this bit of heaven a small slice of New Romance. 

An ensemble this bold needs bold accessories, and I immediate checked my inventory for Pona from Finesmith.  That was rather nostalgic for me since Pona is me - I was chosen as the vendor model and loved the experience.  At any rate I am digressing from the main point her - this dress is fabulous!  The bold colors of the design both catch the eye and when examined show an opulent set of textures and meshes that are beautiful indeed.  For hair I chose i beautiful mesh hair form DeLa, finished the outfit with a pair of N-Core Coquette platforms. 

You all know how i feel about the level of creativity on Second Life,  This dress shows how wonderful the outcome can be. 


Chevia's Shopping List

Dress:  Embellished Silk Dress Couture by Chic Zafari

Jewels: Pona from Finesmith
Hair:  Vanessa by DeLa

 Shoes:  Diva from N-Core

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