Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sophisticated Lady

My dear readers today was a day of celebration of sorts because I became a blogger for Vogue.  Now those of you who have followed my scribblings for a while have no doubt seen more than a few gems from Zalyn Bailey's workshop but today's offering... is more than a dress - it is a way of life.  The Vogue Look.  Who among us has not heard that term?  Who has not looked at the incredible visions of beauty walking a Paris runway and just HAD to have that dress?  I read Paris Vogue religiously to keep  up with the current trends.  I have to say that it has been a long time since I have gotten really excited about what I've seen in the RL industry in general.  But her in SL the joy of clean lines and crisp style are on the upswing and Zalyn has produced a wonderful dress in Corinna.
I think you have to agree that this dress simply screams elegant.  From the bold styling to the contrasting colors and the darling piping the dress this is truly an amazing look.  All the details that make a great dress are there - a solid style, beautiful textures, and oodles of details that tell you this was more than an art project - this was a work of love.
I loved the matching arm warmers as they added just that bit of finish to the overall look that truly sets it apart from the crowd.  Great fashion deserves great accessories and I have dug deep to bring you some sweet pieces.  The DeLa Hanna hair is a delight in a style like this and lends a wonderful feminine feel to the overall look.  Yula Finesmith's wonderful Kotar set is a perfect accompaniment that adds a slightly playful air to the look as well.  Finally a pair of N-Core Coquette platforms provide that sure kick to the ensemble.

This is an outfit for someone who wants to go places in style.  Dancing, entertainment or just walking around are all perfect settings for this outfit.  Do yourself a favor and get this package of sweetness today.  It will lift your spirits as it did mine.


Chevia's Shopping List:

Hair:  Hanna by Dela
Dress:  Corianne by Vogue
Jewels:  Kotar in Black pearl by Finesmith
Shoes:  Coquette Platforms by N-core


  1. I saw this outfit in action at Zenshi this evening and it is truly lovely! Wonderful post Chev :)

    1. HAHAHHAHA Yes it was a wonderful outfit for dancing yes?