Monday, March 18, 2013

A Little Heaven on Earth...

My dear readers, I was in a rush to get a new gown today.  I looked through my inventory and nothing struck my fancy at all.  That is a bad place to be when you are headed to a party.  I started by looking through the Marketplace, but still nothing really grabbed me.  Than it happened.  The thing that i usually curse - the arrival of a new notice - revealed a possibility.  A notice from Azul had arrived and when I looked at the attached pictures... WOW.  So I got dressed as fast as I could and headed straight to the Azul main store. 

Azul's newest gown - Erika is at once art and sexy all pulled together in a tight little package.  I grabbed the gown in  while with black accents and headed back to my platform to style it.  What a joy to style!  minimal prim editing and i was thrilled with the result.  The gauze look of the dress just flows - you feel like you are floating when wearing this dress.  I had to add Lazuri's Noor Mystic Infinity set, hair from Lelutka, and some trusty N-Core Diva straps and headed to the party.
Well the result was... incredible.  I lost count after about 20 requests of "Where do you get that incredible gown!"  Not even kidding about that either.  It's rare that you get that kind of reaction from people in the fashion industry of Second Life, but that is exactly what happened.  I can't rave about this gown enough.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but rest assured you will look stunning in this gorgeous gown, and with a darling open back to the tippy top of your butt, you will get some rather... let's say, amorous comments as well :)


Chevia's Shopping List

Gown:  Erika in Pearl from Azul
Jewels: Noor Mystic Infinity by Lazuri
Hair:  Magdalen by Lelutka
Shoes:  Diva from N-Core

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