Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dreams do come true...

I used to wander this digital universe on my own... learning... watching... absorbing all i could about my chosen craft of modeling.  Of late all that has changed, and I find my eye drawn to a much brighter palette.  So, i packed away a lot of that black... and out with the deep greens and beautiful bright colors (yes my beautiful English friends - this is spelled correctly - if you speak Americanese).

Today is yes another treat form ALB.  I am constantly asked wherever i go about these cloths i love to wear.  Certainly, they are the most colorful cloths i think I've ever seen.  Be that as it may, today's jewel is no exception.

Another beautiful creation of AnaLee Balut, this sun dress #6 is a dress suited for the ultra comfortable or the elegant - the accessories change the mood so easily.  As with every creation from ALB you will attract a lot of attention in this outfit. It is at once chic, elegant and beautiful - surely a complement to any wardrobe.

 Most of this outfit can be obtained on Lamu island -


Chevia's Shopping List:

Hair:  Vanity Hair:Folie d'Ete-Noir
Dress:  ALB SUN dress 6 - by AnaLee Balut
Jewels:  Zaara : Atiriya stone bracelet - *lapis lazuli-gold*
Shoes:  ShuShu CATs RHYTHM boots

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