Monday, April 15, 2013

All That Shimmers...

My gentle readers, there are some incredibly beautiful people in Second Life - inside and out.Wicca Merlin and Mimmi Boa and Sequoia Nightfire are a few that come immediately to mind.  They are always so helpful and are amazing teachers of the craft of Modeling.  I graduated from Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy today and it was a wonderful time adn a great show.  I was fortunate to have a few friends come by and it made for a grand time.

I have to admit something.  I am having an affair.  Oh not THAT kind of affair.  Jeesh.  No, I am in love with the art of Countdown.  The delightful fashions that coe form the mind and hands of Antonia are simply amazing.  In tonight's blog I am going to talk about one of the sexiest dresses I have ever worn.  The Satisfaction dress by Countdown is raw gold and sex appeal.  Satisfaction?  Contrary to the Rolling Stones song - you WILL get satisfaction with this stunning dress.

The gold of this wonderful dress grabs your eyes immediately. But it is the style that keeps your eyes locked on it.  From the slightly puffed sleeves that impart a Haute Couture look to the sexy slit asymmetrically placed over one thigh, this dress screams "Look at Me".  Finishing this project was a lot of fun.  I used my signature hair from EMO-tions again - I can't seem to take it off I love it so very much.  The Chevia hair has been released at EMO-tions so get yours today!  For my jewels I chose the Diamond set from FINESMITH.  Diamond is one of the most versatile sets of jewelry I have ever owned.  The ability to change the textures of the stones and the metal into a number of great colors makes this set fit with just about anything. 
I used the Grace sandal form Gos to tie this look together.  As a finishing touch I used the Vixen eye shadow from Madrid Solo.

Walking into Countdown is a real challage of will.  These incredible creations of Antoina;s are like potatoe chips - bet you can't buy just one...

My poses are from Posesion's Giz and Jewelry sets.


Chevia's Shopping List

Satisfaction Mini Dress by Countdown
Jewels: Diamond by FINESMITH
Hair: Chevia by EMO-tions

Shoes:Grace Sandals by Gos
Poses:  Giz and Jewelry sets by Posesion

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