Friday, April 26, 2013

Con muito amor...

My dear readers the weather is heating up finally and the first blossoms of spring have arrived in Seattle.  Yes even here we do get flowers :)  Cherry Blossoms are alive with their Sakura Pink petals that flutter away at the hint of a breeze, and I am feeling fabulous.  Over the last week I began working with two amazing women - Luana Barznae of Aramelo Manga and Belle Rouselle of Chop Zuey.  What increbile women they both are, and I am so fortunate to enjoy their friendship and company.

Today's post is about both of these exciting product lines that meld together so very well.  The basis of this outfit is the lovely Amarelo Manga Roberta Dress in turquoise.  What a jewel!  Truly one of the finest mesh dresses I've ever worn, and that is saying a lot.  The texture is just incredible intense and the style is perfect for the current trends.  
As you can see the print is simply striking!  I added the exciting Tomorrow's Son set from Chop Zuey to accessorize this beautiful outfit and the mixture was just perfect.  For makeup I used Madrid Solo's wonderful Soft Kisses lips and Vixen 6 Eyeshadow.  The combination of the dress patterns with this makeup produced a very exotic look.  Perfect for that fun night out with the girls!  My shoes are the truly wonderful Grace Sandals from Gos. 
The results as you can see are quite wonderful. I predict you will be wearing this ensemble quite a bit!  A word about the Amarelo Manga Roberta Dress.  It is part of the Summer 2013 designs just released tot he racks.   It is a truly unique look that is sure to please. 

My poses are from Posesion's Giz and Jewelry sets.


Chevia's Shopping List

Roberta by Amarelo Manga
Jewels: Tomorrow's Son set from Chop Zuey
Shoes: Grace Sandals by Gos
Poses:  Giz and Jewelry sets by Posesion

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