Thursday, April 4, 2013


 I have been fortunate to see several shows this week at Avenue.  Each and every show has been a jewel of choreography and watching the top models of the grid walk was a lesson I will not soon forget.  Yesterday I got to see the ZanZe show and talk the designer Zzoie Zee.  It was the first time that I'd seen this designer's prowess, and I have to say I walked away thoroughly impressed.  Today I look at the Blair dress in charcoal from Zzoie Spring collection, and one of the set pieces of the show.Blair is a simple yet elegant dress with some beautiful details.  I love the pattern of this particular dress - it was as if the creator daubed her brush on canvas to achieve this really sweet look.
I feel like art when i wear this complete this look I added hair from Dura and pieces from one of my favorite Finesmith sets - Edina.  Adding some beautiful Diva heels from N-Core pulled the whole package togeter.
Overall this became my favorite dress the minute i tried it on.  I like the lines, the fit and the texture is incredible.  Certainly you will attract a lot of attention walking into a room with this stunning gem on. 


Chevia's Shopping List

Outfit:  Blair by Zanze

Jewels: Edina from Finesmith
Hair:  Girl 16 by Dura

 Shoes:  Diva from N-Core

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