Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Color of Dawn...

Dear readers today I bring you an exquisite design from Loovus Dzevavor.  I love the richness and boldness of Loovus.  One can almost feel the cloth in one's hands.  Not only are Vikeejeah's creations visually stunning, they trend setting as well.  In a world of stark colors, enrich your wardrobe with some Loovus creations today.

The Loovus Dzevavor Boheme dress is a feast of color and textures and patterns not usually found in Second Life fashion.  I loved it immediately, and this was one of those rare dresses I could not wait to open and try on. 
Every detail is lovingly done, and I know that Love is an ingredient of each Loovus creation.  I finished this beautiful look with a Loovus Incognito scarf, and added Finesmith's Here Comes the Sun ring as a final touch.  Your eye cannot help but be drawn to this stunning ensemble.  It has that wonderful combination of being at once soft and feminine as well as bold and daring.  I predict you will adore this outfit as much as I do....


Chevia's Shopping List

Dress:  Boheme by Loovus
Jewels: Here Comes the Sun from Finesmith
Hair:  Girl 16 by Dura

Headscarf:  Incognito by Loovus Dzevavor
Shoes: Spring in Your Step pumps

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