Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Puuuurfect Kitties...

It's been a while since I've been able to take pics decent enough to publish.  Went back at it today and got a couple nice shots.  As many of you may have heard, I graduated from the Avenue Models Academy this month.  I cannot express how attending that school changed me as a model.  The impact was significant though, and I have felt a freedom in styling I just never felt before.  Of late my interest has been in making mixed and matched outfits.  Minimum of three designers, and styled for the season.  I am intentionally staying away form gowns and any styling that could be considered more dramatic than realistic.

For me, fashion is exploration.  Creating art with the art of others.

So, for today's blog I found this totally cute blouse with little cats on it.  Now I love cats but seeing them in this context was really delightful for some odd reason.  Anyway, I found this blouse at Tulip and I really love the quality of the mesh.  Exceptional detailing and fit.
I coupled this cute top with some wonderful shorts from another fav - mon tissu.  The quality of mesh creations from mon tissu is also superb, as is the detailing of each piece.  Truly delights to style and wear. The mules are from Hucci and work with Slink mesh feet.  Really starting to see some interesting styles of shoes for the Slink feet, and that is a really good thing.
Also, I am not using a ton of jewelry on this style as I just wanted something I would normally wear in RL.  The result I think is a nice, comfortable summer outfit that is definitely casual and pleasant to see.  I hope you agree :)

My poses are from Posesion's Giz and Haute sets.


Chevia's Shopping List

Cat Button Up by Tulip
Jewels: Khaleesi's Temptation by Maxi Gossamer
Shoes:  Beira Mules by Hucci
Poses:  Giz and Haute sets by Posesion

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