Thursday, October 31, 2013

On the Town in Style...

Nathalia Topaz, the owner and creator of Topazia as well as the founder of Your Fashion Dresscode sent me a lovely design the other day to blog.  Her Greyson ensemble is a beautiful and elegant creation that is just right for so many settings.

The sheer lace top with darling ruffles at the neck and wrists is quite well done and I found that it added such a delightful flair to the overall look of the design.  Alexandra Nichols of NV Corsetry sent along her exceptional MKUltra Platforms and together they make a compelling outfit.
This is a fun outfit to wear.  I immediately took it to complete the obligatory dance test, which it passed with flying colors. 

This outfit is sure to be a hit at any function you wear it for.

My poses are from Posesion.


Chevia's Shopping List
Outfit:   Greyson by Topazia
Shoes:  MKUltra by NV Corsetry

Poses:  Posesion

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