Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Vogue Look...

Vogue is a fashion leader in second life.  Today I will wrote about the latest creation from Vogue, Cara. This beautiful belted mini has a turtleneck and some exquisite detailing to boot - and you know how I love those little details.  I was quite impressed by the excellent texturing and the exceptional detail present int he belt.
I decided to keep this simple and in the end just added some Bax Regency boots that matched the belt leather and went with that.  I thing the results is a sophisticated semi-casual style that can be used in so many places - from date night at your fav rock club to a live music concert.  This is not a boring dress!

Vogue has really has  hit with this sweet design.

My pose was from from Posing Sinfully.


Chevia's Shopping List

Outfit:  Cara by Vogue
Makeup & Nails:  Blackliquid
Boots:  Regency by Bax

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