Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've been around the US military all my life, my father was a US Marine Officer after all.  I thought I knew the highest standards of precision.  As near to perfect as one can humanly be.

I thought I knew that... I was wrong.

Today was my final examination at the University of Classic with Style Modeling school.  Me.  Alone.  In front of Anrol Anthony herself.  Heck, I wanted to interview her... but this?  I've had a few frights in my life, none of which I will labor you with here, suffice to say I was shaking.  At the beginning of my test I dimly recall Anrol askng me a question that required a direct answer.

I think I typed my response to her in Swahili. A least it looked that way to me at the time. 

Nonetheless, I gave it my best shot.  After all the classwork, the thousands of poses, the outfits, the wonderful friends I've made her at UCWS, it came down to little old me strutting my stuff in front of the CEO of the school.  I was petrified.  This was for all the roses... Pass or Fail...

And, as I write these meager words, I don't know the outcome.  And, I won't until I send my blog to Anrol.  More perfection. I think I am growing to love perfection.

Since this IS a fashion blog, perhaps I should get down to fashionable stuff.  Like the school.

Part of my preparation for this day was a note from Anrol that stated simply:


Now, I've been on a few runways - UCWS has a lot of them.  I could have sworn I landmarked each and every one.  Well, except the first one.  You know, the one RIGHT BY THE CLASSROOM? 

Eventually, my state of utter confusion was corrected, and soon I was sailing down the runway...  And I'm not gonna tell you anything else :)

So, as a consolation prize, how about a tour of ALL the runways at the school:

The Ballroom Stage

One thing you immediately notice at this school, everything is huge, impeccably decorated and beautiful.  And the walls are covered with Art - the pictures of present and past winners on these very stages.  Everything connected with UCWS is vibrant and alive.  The energy of this place fills you the minute you walk in the door. 

In this Stage, the seats are red velvet and look SO comfy!  Certainly they are inviting, and the is the message Anrol and everyone at CWS sends out - an invitation to join their ranks... their family.  That's the biggest draw of all for me - the people I've met here during my brief sojourn. 

Black & White Stage

Next on the agenda is the most elegant stage in my opinion - The Black and White Stage. I recently saw JayGee's incredible clothing line on display here, and I have to tell you it was a kaleidoscope of colors and textures and sound.  And the excitement?  Well, it was off the charts.

This stage is empty now, but when it is filled with a dozen beautiful woman dressed in the latest fashions... It is simply incredible.  Black & White is the perfect venue to show that new line of formal gowns for some aspiring designer.

The Dome Stage

The Dome Stage is both cozy and gorgeous!  Ornate staircases dominate the stage, and from those steps an Angel (or a dozen) may descend.  I've not seen a show on this stage, but i can see them all in my mind's eye - Janet Brink, Ania Lennie, Laci Rossini, and so many other beautiful, accomplished women working so hard to show the most wonderful SL fashions.

The Red Runway

This is my favorite runway, and I hope I get the chance to model on it one day.  This room has a truly opulent and European feel - right here in SL.  I have been fortunate enough to see some grand galas here.  In fact, It was while watching a fashion show here that I decided to try to become a model.

And here we find Ms Laci Rossini, the Dancing with Stars Crown winner for 1012, practicing a new formation for an upcoming show.  That is something else I find fascinating about UCWS - there is always something going on here.

So that's my tour, for your edification.

But, for me this tour wasn't about the places themselves, it was about what takes place on those stages and runways.  It is so rare these days to be able to see, feel and watch beauty being created right before your eyes.  In older days, one could watch the seamstress sitting in the town center creating what we would call fashion.  Now, in these days of electronic this and media that, we seldom get to see creation on display.

Except here - at UCWS.  Here you will see a woman's imagination take flight as she struts her own styling creation in front of the crowds.  Here you will see a gaggle of simply stunning women (yes yes, and a few guys too) helping each other, cheering each other, and coming together - all for the love of fashion.

We citizens of SL owe a debt of gratitude to Anrol and Steve Anthony for their vision and dedication to run UCWS.  If you want to experience some of the absolute best entertainment Sl has to offer, come visit the campus and catch a competition.

Oh ok...  Let me dish...  At the end of my Final, Anrol said, come stand in front of me after I did my poses.  So I walked as gracefully as I could over to the edge of the stage.  she said that she had her camera on me and that was checking my outfit and my styling for imperfections.

And a long pause...  I saw...  

Anrol Anthony: You've got a great shape and skin, and everything is aligned perfectly...

I could have kissed her on the spot :)



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