Sunday, March 24, 2013


My dear readers, indulge me for a poem...

I can still smell where she has once been
I can feel her hands in the places she has touched
The warmness that has surrounded me keeps me safe
Securely, I open my eyes and let go
I let my guard down and open my heart
The feeling is immense as it runs through my veins
My body is aching in a sweet sense of pleasure and pain
As I remember what once was.

 Which leads me to today's beautiful gown.  Sascha Frangelli is a fashion icon in Second Life.  Not only are her gowns each a work of art in and of itself, but Sascha herself is an amazing woman.  Sascha's Mystica in pink is simply put, art.  From the bold cowl collar to the daring revealed leg this gown exudes beauty and sexy at the same time.  

As you can see from the images the gown is highly details with a fine gold design that runs around the borders of the dress.  The eye is immediately drawn to the exposed hip, a key design feature of this gown. This gown is just so elegant I had to finish it off with something equally elegant.  In this case i chose the new Lord set from Finesmith.

As you can see Lord is a thrilling and complementary enhancement of this beautiful gown - they almost appear to made for each other.  I topped it all off with some hair from EMO-tions ( I know that most of you already knew that! )  When all is done, you will have an exquisite outfit the is suitable for any place in Second life - form Frank's Jazz Club to the local mall - this outfit is wonderful...


Chevia's Shopping List

Gown:  Mystica in Pink from Sascha Designs
Jewels: Lord from Finesmith
Hair:  Aquarius by EMO-tions
Shoes:  Diva from N-Core


  1. Very beautiful, Chev - both the poem and the outfit.

    1. Awww thank you so very much... it's been... a poignant time for me lately... I appreciate your kinds words...