Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Dash of Cayenne Pepper...

Today marked the fifth day of Avenue's Fashion week, and what a delightful and busy day it was.  As before, each of the three shows I saw today were productions of the first rate.  The ambiance - perfect.  The surroundings - stunning.  The Models - well, there are just no words that can describe how thrilling each walk was.  Today i would like to talk about Liv-Glam.  I have to say that each model walking onto the runway brought collective "Oh's" and "Ah's" from the audience.  The colors of the Liv-Glam offering were just ablaze as the models strutted down the runway with impectable styling.

Liv Glam's ESME Silk Print Scarf Jacket coupled with a slinky black skirt is the centerpiece of my explorations today.  This is a delightful outfit not only looks great, but the fit and finish are just perfect.
The bold combination of bright red and gold paisley patched with leopard print is such a daring and rather delightful departure from the ordinary.  It is just striking.  As if the jacket were not enough Liv Glam adds a lacy camisole top that is a thing of beauty all by itself.  The addition of the coordinated black pencil skirt rounds out what is sure to be a fav in your wardrobe.
A great many accessories can be chosen to finish this outfit, but I decided to stick with another Finesmith favorite - Ellendir in gold covered with diamonds.  N-core supplied the sweet heels and this outfit is ready to rock.

Do yourself a favor.  Go and see the Liv-Glam spring collection today.  You will be glad you did.


Chevia's Shopping List

ESME Silk Print Scarf Jacket ensemble
Jewels: Ellendir from Finesmith
Hair:  Girl 16 by Dura

Shoes: Diva by N-Core

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