Friday, April 5, 2013

As if in a Dream...

Hello lovely readers!  Today is a rather... well... exciting post to say the least.  Because today I get to wear the latest whisper of a dress to come out of Zalyn's sweet workshop at Vogue.  The Savannah gown is a wisp of a thing.  Like a puff of air.  A pinch of cotton candy...   I honestly felt like part ballerina and part courtesan, a truly delightful combination.

Savannah consists of a bodysuit constructed of some of the finest lacework I have seen in Second Life.  Though barely there it is rich with details that make you want to have this look featured again and again.  A gossamer half skirt falls from the hip in a seductive and alluring way.  I completed the look with the bare essentials - the Belle bracelet in silver from Finesmith and Diva pumps from N-Core.
Let's put all the cards on the table.  This is a gown that oozes sexy.  Any partner who see you in this and doesn't respond?  They are D-E-A-D.  And that is all I can say about that :)

Ladies do yourself a huge favor and grab this wisp of loveliness before a stiff wind comes along and they are all blown away...


Chevia's Shopping List

Savannah gown for Vogue
Jewels: Belle bracelet from Finesmith
Hair:  Moelleux from DeLa

Shoes: Diva by N-Core

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