Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Little Galliano in the Night...

Vogue released a real treat to bloggers today - Zalyn Baley's Galliano Inspiration.  John
Galliano's Haute Couture design work has sparked the imaginations of so many designers with his incredibly whimsical take of fashion.  Known for his bold looks, this treat from Vogue is truly a tribute to the Galliano style.  For me, it struck a deep chord and I fell for this outfit the second I saw it.  I know you have all felt this.  That moment of clarity when your path to styling an outfit becomes so clear and so defined that making it happen is almost frantic.  That was what this outfit did for me.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do the minute i saw it on my avatar.
To keep true to the art of Galliano, I knew that I had to have a pale, but very detailed look to my face.  For this I went to another fashion icon, this time of Second Life  - AnaLee Balut.  Her ALB Dream Fashion has been pushing the boundaries of what can be done in Second Life for many years.  I chose her Giesha Skin since it offered the perfect look for this style.  AnaLee's daughter ShuShu supplied the incredible Geisha hair.
I used the new Diamond set from FINESMITH for the wonderful earrings.  N-Core supplied the Ultra Platform kicks and the cute knee socks and we have a wrap. 

Vogue is such a fun organization to work with.  This jewel is just one example of the many incredible outfits tucked away in the Vogue store.  Let you imaginations run wild and head over to Vogue today.

Posesion supplied the poses for this shoot from Dahriel's Haute Chic set, and they were just perfect!


Chevia's Shopping List

Galliano Inspiration by Vogue
Jewels: Diamond set by Finesmith
Hair:  Geisha Hair by ShuShu Congrejo

Shoes: Ultra Platforms in Noir by N-Core
Poses:  Haute Chic by Posesion

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