Friday, April 12, 2013

A Warm Caress

My dear readers, it's Seattle.  The weather was looking so wonderful all week, and now with the weekend comes the cold and rain we are so famous for.  So, I admit my mind has been wandering a bit to warmer thoughts.  Thoughts of sunshine and sand and a gentle touch.  Somehow the image of palm trees fill my dreams.  What would Freud and Jung say about that one? Hahahaha.  Well, anyway, I was out the other day and stopped in to Kungler's and found this reminder of warm tropical nights - The Giselle dress in nude.  Wait, I know what you are thinking, but really it's NOT like that.  I mean... I really wasn't thinking of wandering some palm-filled island hand-in-hand with my lover... nude.  Honest.  I wasn't.  I swear....

Yeah rights have all stopped echoing, so let's get back to the real reason for this post :)

The Kungler Giselle dress is a sweet, sexy dress that is at home at a party, a dinner out, or the board room.  Yes, it really is that versatile.  As with all of Kungler's designs, this one is filled with awesome details that just delight the eye.  The attached belt is a thing of beauty, and I for one am thrilled to not have to adjust prims and body shape just to wear it.  The wonderful shadowing is just right on the texture.  And speaking of textures, that's where the tropical part comes in.  The main design consists of the outline - in emerald no less - of a Monstera leaf.
Overall the look is quite pleasant and lends itself to much more exploration than I had time for.  I finished this look by adding a set of FINESMITH Scatterheart that matched the emerald highlights of the dress to perfection.  Last but not least a pair of Gos Sophia Peeptoe pumps completed the picture.

A bit more about those awesome Gos shoes.  I hate having to match skins for shoes.  I have no idea why, but I hate it.  So, along comes a company that makes matching shoes with skins totally simple - ONE click.  You pick your skin and the proper settings are sent to the shoes.  DONE.  Can you believe it? Well, the results are awesome.

I admit to really enjoy this crisp Italian style most of the time.  This Kungler sweetness is a beautiful and easy to wear example.

Oh!  And now I am blogging for Posesion Poses.  Today's poses are from the Haute Chic set, and they are really amazing poses. Love you Dahriel & Wicca :)


Chevia's Shopping List

Giselle Dress by Kungler
Jewels: Scatterheart set from Finesmith
Hair:  Hair #16 from Dura

Shoes: Sophia Peeptoe Pumps by Gos

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