Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quoth the Raven... Nevermore...

Of late my mornings have been interesting to say the least.  This morning I noted that a package had arrived from Alexandra Nichols, the owner and creative maven from NV Corsetry.  What I found when I opened the package and put the cloths on can barely be expressed in words.  First of all - WOW! Nevermore is the latest design in a long list of sexy, sensuous and alluring works done by Alexandra. And dear readers, this is my new favorite!
This is simply one of the sexiest outfits I've ever had.  I added some new Bax Regency thigh-high boots, some Bax fishnets and WOW!  Love the look and could not wait to shoot these pics.
Alexandra has really hit the mark with this creation.  I predict it will be a huge seller for her. Ladies, if you want an incredible sexy outfit - get Nevermore today!  You will be glad you did...


Chevia's Shopping List 

Lingerie:  Nevermore by NV Corsetry
Boots:  Regency by Bax
Hair: Jolie by Truth

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